Homelands - New European Writing at BOZAR

  • Aurore Basson
  • 21 avril, 2021

As part of a special European Day programming, BOZAR, the prestigious Centre of Fine Arts of Brussels, EUPL laureates Matthias Nawrat (Germany, 2020), Irene Solà (Spain, 2020) and Lana Bastašić (Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2020) will talk with journalist Nicky Aerts about their multicultural backgrounds and the ways it impacts their writing. Link and time to be confirmed. 

"Is there a European literary identity, a single voice shared by European writers beyond national and linguistic borders? To question this sense of belonging to a community, three promising European writers are meeting online thanks to BOZAR. Matthias Nawrat (Germany), Irene Solà (Spain) and Lana Bastašić (Bosnia and Herzegovina) have several things in common, they are all winners of the European Union Literature Prize 2020 (EUPL) and navigate between different languages ​​and cultures, having lived in several European countries. But what is their homeland? They will discuss in particular the influence of their origins on their own cultural identity and of course, on their writing. Their respective experiences, coming from different regions of Europe, give them a perspective that is both extremely personal and very European. On May 9, Europe Day, during a conversation moderated by Klara journalist Nicky Aerts, they will discuss all these themes that make them unique authors."

This event is organised by BOZAR, with the help of the European Union Prize for Literature.