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Francis Kirps

(LU) Francis Kirps (c) Philippe Matsas - CNL

Francis Kirps lives and works in Lintgen (Luxembourg). He has a degree in psychology from the University of Strasbourg. He first started publishing in student magazines in the early 1990s and in the cultural journal Cahiers luxembourgeois (1998). Since then, he has published two short story collections (Planet Luxembourg, 2012; Mutationen, 2019) and one novel (Die Klasse von 77, 2016) and has made numerous contributions to anthologies and contemporary short story collections. He has twice won the second prize in the ‘Concours littéraire national’, in 2000 and 2001. Since 2003, he had regularly hosted and appeared at public readings and poetry slam sessions in German-speaking countries. He is the co-organiser of public readings in Luxembourg (Lesebühne) and Germany and co-editor of the German literary magazine EXOT. Since 2014, he has contributed to a satirical column in the German newspaper taz.

Winning Book

Die Mutationen: 7 Geschichten und ein Gedicht

The Mutations: 7 Stories and a Poem is a collection of seven short stories and one poem written in German, with one story featuring passages written in Luxembourgish. The title-giving ‘mutations’ are programmatic in two major regards: thematically, as the stories cast moments and instances of transformation of the characters as central to the plot, and conceptually, as each story is in fact a rewriting of a pre-existing text from European literature. While this intertextual homage lends depth to the stories, it is only ever the starting point for Kirps’ masterful recasting and reimagining of plots and characters. Their hitherto untold stories are skillfully unfolded and turned into powerful narratives that in turn mutate into new, independent stories carried entirely by Kirps’ carefully crafted authorial voice and imaginative power.

(LU) Die Mutationen

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