Prague book fair

  • Zora Decoust
  • 21 September, 2021

23, 24, 25 September – Prague (Czech Republic)
Irene Solà (Spain, 2020), Gunstein Bakke (Norway, 2012), Edina Szvoren (Hungary, 2015) and Lucie Faulerová (Czech Republic, 2021) will successively take part in the 2021 Prague Book Fair to talk about their books and experiences as writers. Three of them will also take part in a group discussion around the question: “What is Europe for its writers?”. Finally, president of the EUPL 2021 jury for Czech Republic Pavel Mandys will also be featured to talk about the EUPL.

23 September: Irene Solà

24 September: Pavel Mandys (jury president)

24 Septemebr: Irene Solà, Gunstein Bakke, Lucie Faulerova (What is Europe for its writers?)

24 September: Gunstein Bakke

25 September: Edina Szvoren

25 September: Lucie Faulerova

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