EUPL Digital Masterclass - ReadAct with Ciler Ilhan

  • Aurore Basson
  • 22 avril, 2020

In this first EU Prize for Literature digital masterclass, Ciler İlhan, the Turkish laureate of the prize in 2011, will introduce you to ReadAct, a practice that she describes as "a unique way of reading", at the crossroad of reading and acting.

During the hour-long session, İlhan will ReadAct excerpts from her EUPL-awarded book "Exile" while teaching you how to improve your speaking skills and enrich your storytelling experience.

More than a taste of literature, you will also receive tips on how to use ReadAct in your career and business thanks to the author's 25 years of experience in communication and journalism. “There is no harm in adding charm to your speech whilst reading out a yearly report", she says. Come and decide for yourself!

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