We are happy to introduce the following jury members for Malta:


Albert Marshall, theatre & TV director, playwright, poet, executive chair of the Arts Council Malta - President of the jury

Stephen Bonanno, professor in Maltese language and literature

Clive Perini, book distributor and publisher

Rachelle Deguara, radio host, book reviewer


Excused from the jury

Leanne Ellul, writer, professor in Maltese language and literature


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Albert Marshall

Born in Malta in 1947, Albert Marshall has distinguished himself as a theatre and television director, playwright, poet and TV presenter in a career spanning over 50 years. His literary works are widely published in Australia, Canada and Malta. He spent 15 years working in Australian radio, theatre and television and became the first Maltese national to direct at Sydney Opera House. Marshall recently published a collection of his poetry written between 1964 – 2019 and is currently working on the publication of literary works for theatre and television. He is a member of the Board of Directors at Public Broadcasting Services (PBS) Ltd, a member of the Council of the University of Malta, and the Executive Chair of Arts Council Malta.

Rachelle Deguara

Rachelle Deguara has been working in the book industry for the last three years building close relations with authors, promoting their work and contributing to the National Book Festival (Malta). Her work in the literacy field started when she had the role of public relations officer in the voluntary organisation Għaqda tal-Malti Universitá which is the university association that strives to promote emerging authors and make sure that the pioneers of Maltese literature are not forgotten. Rachelle was also involved in the organisation of the first Maltese Literature Congress that is currently paving the path to amend legislation which directly affects the local book industry and its international distribution potential. The role was to invite and mediate between all stakeholders, both authors and publishers to reach a consensus on such matters. She hosts a radio show on the national Maltese radio station Radju Malta (93.7) called ‘Taħt il-Qoxra’ which holds dialogues with authors and editors about their work and its relevance in the current socio-political situation. For her leisure, Rachelle enjoys writing book reviews, performs hip-hop under the stage name of REA, and trains her voice for classical singing.

Stephen Bonanno

Stephen Bonanno is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Malta Junior College. He lectures on Maltese Literature in general, while his research focuses mainly on the narrative genre. In 2016 he coordinated a conference on the subject in Maltese Contemporary Narrative. He contributed several papers on the Maltese novel and short stories to numerous scholarly journals.

Clive Perini

Clive Perini has been working in book distribution and publishing for the last 25 years, employed with a company that is the largest distributor on the island. Over the years his role evolved but he always aspired, encouraged and promoted self publishing,as well as established and emerging authors of all genres.

Leanne Ellul

Leanne Ellul lectures in Maltese language and literature at the Ġ.F Abela Junior College as part of the University of Malta. She writes both poetry and prose. In the past she has written for theatre and still writes both textbooks and readers for children. Ellul has also translated a number of works to Maltese. She is part of a number of entities that have the Maltese language and culture at heart, namely Inizjamed and HELA.