We are happy to introduce the following jury members for Albania:

Ben Andoni, writer, literary translator - President of the jury

Petrit Ymery, executive director of Dituria, president of the Association of Albanian Publishers

Entela Kasi, poetess, novelist, translator, essayist, president of PEN Albania

Evelyne Noygues, literary translator


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Ben Andoni

Ben Andoni was born in Tirana. He studied Geography and History. Since 1996, his main profession has been as a journalist. For 12 years, he was the manager of a National Cultural Supplement. He works regularly for columns concerned with national politics and Kosovar issues. He has translated more than 20 prominent authors from Slavic and English literature. He also published 5 books of his own, concerned with history, publicity and geographic issues, and is the co-authors of some reports of the Civil Society. 

Petrit Ymery

Petrit Ymeri is the executive director of the Dituria publishing house, founded in May 1991. For several years, he was a literature teacher in high school and later a lecturer in foreign literature at the University of Tirana. Until 1991, he was a cultural journalist for the Albanian Radiotelevision and later the head of the editorial sector of the 8 November publishing house. From 2003 to 2014, Petrit Ymeri was a member of the Board of Directors of the Albanian Radiotelevision. In 1992, he was the founding member of the Association of Albanian Publishers and has been the President of the Association for several years now. He was the president of the Albanian jury for the European Prize for Literature in 2014 and 2017. 

Entela Kasi

Entela Kasi is a poetess, novelist, translator and essayist. She is the president of the Albanian PEN Centre and a member of the ‘In search Committee Board’ of PEN International. She writes for Albanian journals and daily press, especially focusing on social movements, culture and politics. She has been invited as a guest writer by different Universities in Albania and abroad. Entela Kasi's poetry has been translated and published in different anthologies, magazines and literary reviews in Macedonian, Serbian, Turkish, Bulgarian, Romanian, Italian, German, French, English, Hebrew and many other languages. She is awarded with different prizes for literature in Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Turkey, Serbia, Montenegro, Italy and Israel. She is awarded with the title ‘Universum Dona’ and ‘Honorary Academician accredited by the International University of Peace Studies in Switzerland. Currently, she works for the Catholic University- “Our Lady of Good Council’ in Tirana, Albania. She writes into Albanian and English.

Evelyne Noygues

Evelyne Noygues is a literary translatress. In 2008, she graduated from the National Eastern Languages and Civilisations Institute (Inalco) in Paris, France, with a Master 2 in "European Studies". After a double qualification in Albanian language and History, she goes from university translation to literary translation. In 2011, she joined the European Theatre Translation Network Eurodram where she translated several Albanian-speaking drama writers from Albania and Kosovo. Besides her activities as a literary translator, she has regularly been giving lectures and writing articles on a figure of the Albanian National Movement, Jashar Erebara (1876-1954), for more than ten years. She has been twice a finalist of French literary translation prizes for her translation of “Le Petit Bala. The legend of loneliness” by R. Dibra : first for the Revelation Translation Award (2018) from the Société des Gens de Lettres and later for the Pierre-François Caillé Award (2019) from Société française des Traducteurs.

Among her main translations from Albanian into French:

Le Petit Bala. The legend of loneliness”, a novel from Ridvan DIBRA (Editions Le Ver à Soie, Paris, March 2018), with a subvention from the Albanian Ministry of Culture.

Terre brûlée”, a novel from Dashnor KOKONOZI (Éditions Non-Lieu, Paris, October 2013).

Poems from Maks VELO (Edition Emal, Tirana, 2011).

Two plays from Jeton Neziraj (Kosovo): “Flight over the Kovoso Theater” and “A Show for four actors”, together with Sébastien Gricourt (Editions l'Espace d´un Instant, France, October 2020).

The album “Ottocar Scepter” by HERGÉ, together with the artist Arben Selim (Bénart Editions, Paris, Sept. 2014).