We are happy to introduce the following jury members for Austria: 

Dr. Alexander Potyka, publisher at Picus Verlag, chairman of the Austrian Publishers' Association and president of Literar-Mechana, President of the jury

Dr. Brigitte Schwens-Harrant, literary critic, head of the feature section of the weekly newspaper "Die Furche"

Carolina Schutti, writer and EUPL laureate 2015

Karl Puš, bookseller

Nathalie Rouanet-Herlt, author and translator


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Dr. Alexander Potyka

Dr. Alexander Potyka, born 1957 in Vienna, is the publisher at Picus Verlag, Chairman of the Austrian Publishers' Association and President of Literar-Mechana.

Dr. Brigitte Schwens-Harrant

Dr. Brigitte Schwens-Harrant, born 1967 in Wels, is head of the feature section of the weekly newspaper "Die Furche" in Vienna. She has written numerous publications on Austrian and international contemporary literature. She received Austrian State Prize for Literary Criticism in 2015.

Carolina Schutti

Carolina Schutti is a writer. She was awarded the EUPL 2015 for Austria. Her books have been translated into eleven languages. Her most recently published works include: Eulen fliegen lautlos (Novelle, 2015) and Nervenfieber (Poems, 2018). She lives in Innsbruck.

Karl Puš

Karl Puš was born in 1955 in Vienna. He works as a bookseller since 1975. He is a former president of the European and International Booksellers Federation.

Nathalie Rouanet-Herlt

Nathalie Rouanet-Herlt, born 1966 in France, lives and works in Vienna since 1990 as an author and translator. She performs as a Poetry Slammer under the name Ann Air. She studied German language and literature at the University of Toulouse and obtained her doctorate at the University of Vienna.