We are happy to introduce the following jury members for Denmark:

Clea Bautista, sales manager for the bookshop Arnold Busck, President of the jury

Kristian Bang Foss, writer and EUPL 2013 laureate

Marianne Withen, bookshop owner

Peter Legård Nielsen, writer and board member of the Danish Art Council


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Clea Bautista

Clea Bautista is Sales manager at the Arnold Busck bookshop in Copenhagen. 

Kristian Bang Foss

Kristian Bang Foss (born 1977) is a Danish writer. His debut novel Fiskens vindue (The Window of the Fish, 2004) was acclaimed by critics. This was followed by Stormen i 99 (The Storm in 99, 2008). He won the EU Prize for Literature for his novel Døden kører Audi (Death drives an Audi, 2012). His latest novel is called Frank vender hjem (Frank comes home, 2019).

Marianne Withen

"I have spent nearly all my life in the world of books. 27 years ago I bought a little bookshop at Frederiksberg in Copenhagen. Before that I was a sales representative for different Danish publishing houses for 20 years. In my early youth, I spent nearly a year working for Blackwell Scientific Publications in Oxford."

Peter Legård Nielsen

Peter Legård Nielsen was born in 1960. He has published 8 novels, 2 poetry collections and 15 anthologies. He has received the the 3 Year Scolarship from The Danish Arts Foundation. He has been appointed by the Minister of Culture as a member of the board of The Danish Arts Counsil and has been chairman of Danish Fiction Writers Association from 1997 to 2001 and again from 2002 to 2007.