We are happy to introduce the following jury members for Iceland:

Tinna Ásgeirsdóttir, translator, project manager at the Icelandic Writers’ Union - President of the jury

Helga Ferdinandsdóttir, ​editor, copywriter, literary adviser

Thorgeir Tryggvason, playwright, literary critic, musician, theatre director

Elín Edda Pálsdóttir, bookstore manager, editor

Maríanna Clara Lúthersdóttir, actress, playwright, translator



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Tinna Ásgeirsdóttir

Tinna Ásgeirsdóttir is a translator and project manager. Ásgeirsdóttir has studied creative writing and translations at the University of Iceland and graduated with degrees in both philospohy and editing and publishing. She works part time as a project manager at the Writers’ Union of Iceland and as a translator of Swedish fiction. Among writers that she has translated are renowned author and playwright Sara Stridsberg, Matthias Edvardsson and Nina Wähä. Ásgeirsdóttir has been a jury member at both the Icelandic Translation Prize and Reykjavik City Children‘s Literary Prize.

Helga Ferdinandsdóttir

Helga Ferdinandsdóttir, born 1969, studied literature at the University of Iceland and the University of Liverpool and holds a Master in Editing and Publishing. She has extensive literary and leadership experience, including editorial and copy-writer work in various media and on numerous committees. She was Literary Adviser at the Icelandic Literature Center and has served as head of jury on several literary prizes, including the Icelandic Literary Prize and The Nordic Council Children and Young People’s Literature Prize (the Icelandic committee). 

Thorgeir Tryggvason

Thorgeir Tryggvason is a critic, playwright, musician and theatre director. He has a degree in philosophy from the University from Iceland, and has been a theatre critic for Morgunblaðið, Iceland’s leading newspaper, since 2000. Thorgeir is a regular contributor to the literary magazine TMM and the cultural website Starafugl. Since 2013 he has been a literary critic for Kiljan, a TV programme dedicated to books and literature. 

Elín Edda Pálsdóttir

Elín Edda Pálsdóttir is the manager of the Forlagið Bookstore (Bókabúð Forlagsins) in Reykjavík since 2015 and one of two editors of the literary magazine Tímarit Máls og menningar since the fall of 2018. She holds a BA-degree in Literature studies from the University of Iceland, a master's degree in Applied Editing and Publishing from the same school and a one year master's degree from the Literature-Culture-Media programme at Lund University, Sweden. Her reading is mostly focused on new Icelandic and Scandinavian fiction and she is especially interested in the grassroots scene in Reykjavík.

Maríanna has worked as an actress at the National Theatre and The City Theatre in Iceland, where she currently holds a position as a dramaturge. She has a MA degree in Literature and has written literary critique for the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service and various newspaper publications. The second novel in her translation will be published later this year by publishing company Angustura.