We are happy to introduce the following jury members for Moldova:

Aliona Grati, associate professor, literary critic - President of the jury

​Ludmila Şimanschi, associate professor

Mariana Cocieru, professor

Lucia Butnariuc, bookseller


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Aliona Grati

Aliona Grati, PhD,Sh is an associate professor and literary critic. She has a PhD in Philology. Her scientific research in the field of History, Criticism and Literary Theory, resulted in the publication of 10 monographs, several coordinated volumes and 200 articles. As a litery critic and journalist, she actively supports emerging publications in the field of literature. She is also a member of the Writers' Union of Moldoval and of the Writers' Union of Romania.

​Ludmila Şimanschi

Ludmila Şimanschi, PhD, is an associate professor. In 1999, she first graduated from the Faculty of Philology of Alecu Russo State University in Balti, before obtaining a Master in Romanian Philology and Languages at the same university in 2008. In 2014, she bacame Doctor in Philology after supporting her PhD research thesis on  “(Auto) irony and (parody) in The Levant by Mircea Cărtărescu”. Apart from her activities as a scientific researcher, she is a senior specialist in the Socio-Human Sciences Section of ASM, as well as the director of the Literary and Folklore Center of the “B. P.-Hasdeu” Institute of Romanian Philology.

Mariana Cocieru

Mariana Cocieru, PhD, is head of the Folklore Sector of the Institute of Romanian Philology „B. P.-Hasdeu”. She is especially interested in intangible cultural heritage, folklore, ethnography, ethnology, and literature. She published several books, including Ethnofolkloric constituents in the prose of Romanian writers from Bessarabia (1960–1980) (Chisinau, 2018, and coordinated several multimedia publications, including Voice archive: Interviews with personalities in the field of culture (in 20 volumes) (Chisinau, 2016, 2019). She is the coordinator of several projects for safeguarding and researching intangible cultural heritage, and for the bibliographic promotion of the famous personalities' activities.

Lucia Butnariuc

Lucia Butnariuc was born in 1995. She studied History at  the Faculty of History and Philosophy of Moldova State University,. Since September 2019, she is a bookseller at Cărturești Chișinău.