We are happy to introduce the following jury members for Ukraine:

Andriy Kurkov, writer, journalist, screenwriter and president of PEN Ukraine, President of the jury

Iryna Slavinska, journalist, radio and TV presenter, translator and literary critic

Ola Hnatiuk, translator, essayist, professor and cultural diplomat

Oleksandra Koval, director of the Ukrainian Book Institute

Ostap Slyvynsky, poet, translator, essayist and literary critic


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Andriy Kurkov

Andriy Kurkov is a writer, journalist and screenwriter. He is the author of 13 novels and 5 children books. More than 20 feature films and documentaries have been based on his scripts. He is the president of PEN Ukraine.

Iryna Slavinska

Iryna Slavinska is a journalist, radio and TV presenter, translator and literary critic. In 2010, she won a grant for the investigation of stealing and frauds in the Ukrainian art-market. In 2010 and 2011, she was a jury member on BBC's Book of the Year Awards.

Ola Hnatiuk

Ola Hnatiuk is a translator, essayist and cultural diplomat. She is also professor of Cultural Studies at Warsaw University and associate professor at Kyiv Mohyla Academy. She is the author of several books of essays on the intellectual history of Eastern Central Europe.

Oleksandra Koval

Oleksandra Koval is director of the Ukrainian Book Institute. She was the president of the Publishers’ Forum NGO from 1995 to 2018. She is also co-founder of the Ukrainian Association of Book Publishers and Booksellers and of the Ukrainian Association of Reading.

Ostap Slyvynsky

Ostap Slyvynsky is a poet, translator, essayist and literary critic. He has published five collections of poetry. He is a member of the expert commission on translation at the Ukrainian Book Institute. He was also the laureate of the Hubert Burda Prize for young Eastern European poets.