We are happy to introduce the following jury members for Tunisia:

Raja Ben Slama, professor at the University of Manouba, psychoanalyst, director-general of the National Library of Tunisia - President of the jury

Kamel Gaha, professor emeritus of French literature, member of the Beit-al-Hikma Academy

Jalel El-Gharbi, professor of literature at the University of La Manouba

Adam Fethi, writer, President of PEN Tunisia


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Raja Ben Slama

Author of several books, including a thesis on love in the Arab-Islamic tradition, Raja Ben Slama is a professor at the University of Manouba and a psychoanalyst. She is director-general of the National Library of Tunisia since 2015. Her latest book, in French, is Gender Orders / Disorders : Cross-Readings on Violence and Love (Tunis, 2020).

Kamel Gaha

Mohammed Kameleddine Gaha (1949, Menzel Kamel, Tunisia) is a professor emeritus of French literature at the University Tunis-el-Manar, and a member of the Beit-al-Hikma Academy of Carthage, Tunisia. He published several works in French: Métaphore et métonymie dans Le Polygone étoilé de Kateb Yacine, Tunis, 1979 ; L’Énonciation romanesque chez Diderot, Tunis, 1994 ; Essais de langue, littérature et citoyenneté, Éditions KALIMA, Tunis, 2020 ; La Route de l’or (Poetry), Éditions Publimed, Tunis 2009 ; as well as in arabic: Feuillets du livre du voyage (Poetry), CERES éditions, Tunis, 1978 ; L’Ecriture du fondement : De la création et de la civilisation, éditions SAHAR, Tunis, 1978.

Jalel El-Gharbi

Jalel El-Gharbi is a professor of literature at the University of La Manouba. He is the author of numerous works published in Tunisia, and in France in particular. 

Adam Fethi

Adam Fathi (real name: GASMI Fathi) is a Tunisian poet and translator born in 1957. He published several poetry collections including: Sept lunes pour la gardienne de la tour ('Seven moons for the tower keeper'), 1982 ; Chants pour la fleur de poussière ('Songs for the dust flower'), 1991 ; Le souffleur de verre aveugle ('The blind glassblower'), 2011. He is the translator into Arabic of several works including: Journaux intimes by Charles Baudelaire (autobiography) ; Avicenne ou la route d'Ispahan by Gilbert Sinoué (novel) ; Adieu Babylone by Naim Kattan (novel) ; Histoire et utopie by E.M.Cioran (essay)… Adam Fathi is the 2019 laureate of the Sargon Poulus prize for poetry and translation. His poetry collection Le souffleur de verre also received the Abul kacim Chabbi prize in 2012.