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Ag Apolloni (Kosova, 1982) is an Albanian author. He studied Dramaturgy at the Faculty of Arts, and Literature at the Faculty of Philology, both at the University of Prishtina, where since 2008 he works as a Professor of Literature. In 2012, he earned his PhD in Literature. In 2013, he founded the cultural studies journal Symbol. He conducted interviews with Jonathan Culler, Linda Hutcheon, Mieke Bal, Stanley Fish, Peter Singer etc. His writings and works have been translated in several languages as English, German, Dutch, Czech. 

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Kësulëkuqja, përrallë për të rritur (Red Riding Hood: Fairytale for Grown Ups)

The latest novel of Ag Apolloni is a love story between a 40-year-old dramatist and a 20-year-old actress. The event happens in Prishtina in 2022. Lorita (the actress) was chosen to play Judita’s role in a show prepared by the National Theatre, while Max (the dramatist, the writer) is in a psychological crisis, not being able to write the novel about rapes during the war. He also has a health problem with his lungs as a result of Covid-19. Therefore, to get fresh air, he goes out in the park, where he meets the actress, who has gone out for a run. They meet in the park, surrounded by trees, Max in black as a sick wolf, Lorita with a red cap as a grown-up Red Riding Hood. And from that moment, love arises between them, which has its ups and downs throughout the novel. 

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