The seventh season of Trafika Europe Radio is underway, featuring a spotlight on the European Prize for Literature every Monday. Embark on a journey through European Stories with current and past winners of the Prize.

Listen to the episodes by clicking this link.

18 September : Ilija Durovic: Sampas

25 September : Marit Kapla: Love in Swedish

2 October: Ondrej Stindl: So Much Ash

10 October: Piia Leino: Heaven

20 October: Hari Spanou: The Outpost

24 October: Tonis Tootsen: Pâté of the Apes

30 October : Jeff Schinker: My Life in Tents

6 November: Sabina Jakubowska: The Midwives

15 November: Anna Opselt: Early planting

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