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I skuggan av ett brott

Helena Henschen (1940 – 2011) est née et a été élevée à Stockholm. Elle vient d’un milieu artistique et a travaillé comme graphiste. Elle a écrit et illustré des livres pour enfants et elle a été une des fondatrices de la fameuse compagnie de design suédois Mah-Jong.

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Translated by: Carla Wiberg

Uppsala, March 7, 1932.

Law student Christian Fredrik Viktor Albert von Sydow, aged 23 years; date of birth June 4, 1908; height approximately 178 cm; slim build; face longish, somewhat bloated; hair light brown, parted on right; eyes grey-blue; nose fairly large, somewhat upturned, crossed by a slanting scar; mouth and chin ordinary; also, a small but deep scar on right-hand side of lower jaw; probably wearing a black suitcoat, striped trousers, white collar, black tie, pale grey overcoat and a tall black hat.
Wife of the above, Sofie von Sydow, aged 23 years; date of birth March 6, 1909; height approximately 175 cm; slim build; hair ash-blond; very good-looking; wearing a dark dress, long dark coat with Persian lamb on collar and sleeves, a small black hat and black boots.
Wanted on suspicion of murder.

Stockholm Police Authority

The alert reached Uppsala police at ten p.m., on Monday 7 March 1932, a few hours after district court judge Hjalmar von Sydow and two female servants had been found beaten to death in an apartment on Norr Mälarstrand road in Stockholm. Suspicion fell immediately on the judge´s son, Fredrik von Sydow.
Fredrik and his wife arrived in Uppsala in a taxi-cab at twenty to eight the same evening, and the car pulled up outside Stadshotellet, the city’s foremost hotel. When cab driver Erik Oskar Valdemar Nordkvist read about the murders the following day, and saw the picture published in the newspaper, he felt sure that last evening’s passengers were Fredrik von Sydow and his wife. He noted that Mrs. von Sydow had looked much better in real life than in the newsprint photograph.

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