Dulce Maria Cardoso

Dulce Maria Cardoso, was born in Trás-os-Montes in 1964, she is one of the most important literary voices in Portugal. She spent her childhood in Angola and returned to Portugal in 1975, shortly after Portugal’s Carnation Revolution and Angola’s independence. She studied law, worked as a lawyer and wrote scripts for the cinema. The author has received numerous prizes for her literary work and her latest novel, was awarded the Special Prize of the Critics 2011 inPortugal, and was selected as Book of the Year 2011.

Helena Henschen

Helena Henschen (b. 1940 - † 2011) was born and raised in Stockholm. She has an artistic background and has worked as a graphic designer. Henschen has both written and illustrated children's books and she was one of the founders of the famous Swedish design company Mah-Jong.

Karen Gillece

Karen Gillece was born in Dublin in 1974. She studied Law at University College Dublin. Her debut novel Seven Nights In Zaragoza was published in 2005 and hailed by the critics as ‘Highly impressive and assured writing’ (Evening Herald).

Carl Frode Tiller

Carl Frode Tiller (b. 1970) is an author, historian and musician. His works are in Nynorsk (lit. "New Norwegian"), one of the two official Norwegian standard languages. Tiller debuted in 2001 with the novel Skråninga (Downward Slope), which was recognized as the best initial work of the year with the Tarjei Vesaas' Debute Prize. Downward Slopewas nominated for the Brageprisen (the Brage Prize is a juried award). In November 2007 Tiller was awarded the Brageprisen for his novel Innsirkling (Encirclement).

Emmanuelle Pagano

Emmanuelle Pagano was born in Rodez (Aveyron) in 1969. She graduated in Fine Arts, and has conducted university research in the field of aesthetics in film and multimedia. P.O.L has published four novels - three of them centered on childhood - which were highly acclaimed by critics.

She lives today in Ardèche, with three children.

Paulus Hochgatterer

Paulus Hochgatterer, (b. 1961), lives as a writer and child therapist in Vienna. He has received various literary prizes and commendations, most recently the Elias Canetti Stipend of the town of Vienna, and is the author of several novels and story collections.

Jacek Dukaj

Jacek Dukaj, born in 1974, is the most distinguished Polish science-fiction writer of today, widely considered a successor of Stanisław Lem. Dukaj studied philosophy at the Jagiellonian University. He is known for the complexity of his books, and it is often said that a single short story of Dukaj contains more ideas than many other writers put into their books in their lifetime.

Daniele Del Giudice

Daniele Del Giudice (b.1949). The first novel he published was Lo stadio di Wimbledon (Einaudi 1983). This book was followed by Atlante occidentale (Einaudi, 1985), a novel about changes of perceptions and feelings, an anthropological mutation caused by science and widespread technology.This attention to the scientific sector, to innovations in daily behaviour and shared perceptions, is also present in later novels and short stories such as Nel museo di Reims (Mondadori, 1989), Staccando l’ombra da terra (Einaudi, 1994), and Mania (Einaudi, 1997).

Mila Pavisevic

Mila Pavićević (b. 1988) was born in Dubrovnik. She reads Comparative literature and Greek language and literature at the Zagreb University. She received several literary awards for young writers in Croatia.


Pavol Rankov

Pavol Rankov (b. 1964) is a writer of prose fiction, essayist, journalist, information scientist and university pedagogue. After completing his secondary schooling in Bratislava he studied library science at the Philosophical Faculty of Bratislava's Comenius University (1983-1987). He worked as a methodologist in the Slovak National Library in Martin (1987-1990) and in the Slovak Pedagogic Library in Bratislava (1991-1992). From 1993 he has worked at the Department of Library Science and Scientific Information at Comenius University in Bratislava.