Since 2022, a seven-member European jury is choosing an overall winner for

each edition of EUPL, as well as five special mentions.

The European jury is composed of seven members: all literary experts, with professional influence and who are both competent and influential in the field of literature and translation.

The members of the European jury are appointed by the two members of the EUPL Consortium, after consultation with experts in the sector.

The members of the European jury for the 2023 edition are: 

  • Koukla MacLehose, retired literary scout at London Literary Scouting
  • Andrei Kourkov, writer raised in Ukraine
  • Imre Barna, former publisher and translator from Hungary
  • Sheila O'Reilly, business mentor for independent bookshops in Ireland
  • Svetlozar Zhelev, author, publisher and director of the National Book Center in Bulgaria
  • Henrik Francke, literary agent at Oslo Literary Agency
  • Sharon Galant, literary agent at Zeitgeist Agency based in Brussels