The EUPL Consortium comprises the Federation of European Publishers (FEP) and the European and International

Booksellers Federation (EIBF). Together the two Consortium members have over a decade of experience in

organising the European Union Prize for Literature.

The Federation of European Publishers (FEP)

is an independent, non-commercial umbrella association of book publishers associations in the European Union. FEP represents 28 national associations of book publishers of the European Union and of the European Economic Area.

FEP is the voice of the great majority of publishers in Europe. Founded in 1967, FEP deals with European legislation and advises publishers’ associations on copyright and other legislative issues.

Contact Details
The Federation of European Publishers (FEP)
Chaussée d’Ixelles 29/35 (Galerie Toison d'Or) - Box 4
1050 Brussels
Tel +32 2 770 11 10 • Fax +32 2 771 20 71 
FB: Federation of European Publishers 

The European and International Booksellers Federation (EIBF)

is a non-commercial European and international umbrella organisation representing national booksellers associations and booksellers around the world, including brick and mortar bookshops, online bookshops, independent bookshops, and chains. Through its member associations, EIBF speaks on behalf of more than 25.000 individual booksellers.

We believe bookshops are an integral part of local communities, providing access to literature and culture, contributing to financial sustainability in their areas, and helping to improve reading outcomes for all. 

Contact Details
European and International Booksellers Federation (EIBF)
Square Marie-Louise 69 • B - 1000 Brussels 
Tel + 32 2 223 49 40 
Facebook: European and International Booksellers Federation 
Twitter: @Booksellers_Fed