Maud Simonnot

Maud Simonnot is a French writer. Her biography of the publisher Robert McAlmon, La nuit pour adresse (Gallimard, 2017), has received the Valery-Larbaud prize and was a finalist for the prestigious Medicis essay prize. After L'Enfant céleste, Goncourt selection and finalist for the Goncourt des lycéens 2020, L'Heure des oiseaux is her second novel.

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Χάρη Ν. Σπανού (Hari N. Spanou)

Born in Cyprus, in 1964, she graduated from the Pancyprian Gymnasium and studied Medicine in Salonica. She works as a physician in Nicosia. From early on her vivid imagination was coupled with writing - she lives in her mind equally as in ‘reality’. She contemplates that laborious observation, exploring, even imagination is common both in Medicine and Literature; an attempt to comprehend human condition. She published her first book of fiction in 2015 (shortlisted for the Shorts stories and Novella State award) followed by a novella in 2018 and a novel in 2022.

Martina Vidaić

Martina Vidaić was born in Zadar, Croatia on February 19, 1986. She graduated in Croatian language and literature at the University of Zadar. In 2011 she won the most important national poetry award – the Goran prize for young poets and for that occasion her first book of poetry Era gmazova (Era of the Reptiles) was published.

Lusine Kharatyan

Lusine Kharatyan is a Yerevan-based writer, cultural anthropologist and translator. Born and raised in Soviet and post-Soviet Armenia, she lived and studied in different parts of the world, including Egypt and the USA. Her writing is significantly influenced by her anthropological research, fieldwork, and travels. Kharatyan’s first novel ծուռ գիրք (The Oblique Book), was published in 2017.