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The European Union Prize for Literature (EUPL), supported by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, is an annual initiative to recognise the best emerging fiction writers in Europe.

The Prize aims to put the spotlight on the creativity and diverse wealth of Europe’s contemporary literature in the field of fiction, to promote the circulation of literature within Europe and to encourage greater interest in non-national literary works.

Since 2009, EUPL has recognized 176 authors. The works of the selected winners are promoted in the hopes to reach a wider and international audience, and to touch readers beyond national and linguistic borders.

Our 2023 Nominees

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Recent updates 

17 Aug 23
On 17 August 2023, an event with this year’s EUPL Special Mention Iida Rauma took place at Akateeminen Bookshop in Helsinki. Within the scope of ‘Helsingin Kirjojen Yössä’, the event will celebrate Iida Rauma’s success and her EUPL-awarded novel Hävitys (Destruction).
13 Jul 23
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