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Arbia Braham is a Tunisian Senior Teacher of English; born in Zouaouin a small village in the area of Bizerte north of Tunisia on the 18th of December 1979. She has been fond of writing poetry and novels since a young age and she received the national second prize of young talented writers at the age of 13. She excels at writing in Arabic, French and English as well. She pursued her primary education at Zouaouin primary school; her secondary education at Aousja school  (where she is teaching now) and Mohamed Ali Annabi secondary school of Ras Jebel. Then she graduated from the University of Human and Social Sciences of 9 Avril in Tunis obtaining a degree in English. She enjoys reading and watching movies in her free time.  She is very active on social media where she is followed by many readers who enjoy her writings. Jabal Al-Milh (The Mountain Of Salt, 2023) is her second novel after Hadeth Istidem (Accident, 2019). Now she is living happily with her loving husband and two daughters in Aousja where she is teaching young learners. She is dreaming of a prosperous Tunisia and a peaceful world where every human being can enjoy freedom and justice. She is also dreaming of a healthy planet that protects all its creatures.

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جبل الملح (The Mountain of Salt)
This is a drama - romance story of Mariem and Aly, a couple forced to be separated for years with a series of accidental or fated meetings happening before, during and after the Revolution of December 2010 in Tunisia. The love story goes hand in hand with thrilling events in Tunisia’s history. Mariem has been loved and betrayed by many people: Aly, Khaled, Karim and Saber all covet this beautiful and distinguished woman and their lives are joined by a mystical thread of fate. Mariem is struggling against some biased social prejudices when she is seeking her freedom as a strong independent woman. She represents the beautiful Tunisia struggling amidst a series of hardships in its recent history. It finishes with an opening window of hope in a better future.

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