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Bojan Krivokapić was born in 1985 and holds a degree in Comparative Literature from the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad. He published two novels (Spring Is on the Road in 2017 and Villa Fazanka in 2023), a short story collection (Run, Lilith, Daemons Trip and Stumble in 2013), and two poetry collections (The Flight of the Cockroach in 2014 and The Nest of a Boy in 2019). He received several awards for his short stories and poems throughout the former Yugoslavia (the “Ulaznica” Award in 2011, the “Đura Đukanov” Award in 2012, the “Mak Dizdar” Award in 2013, the “Lapis Histriae” Award in 2021, the “Biber” Award in 2021, the “Milutin Uskoković” Award in 2021, and the “Laza K. Lazarević” Award in 2022), as well as the “Edo Budiša” Award for his collection Run, Lilith, Daemons Trip and Stumble, and the “Mirko Kovač” Award for the best book written by a young author in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Serbia for his novel Spring Is on the Road. His prose and poetry have been translated into Hungarian, Albanian, English, and Macedonian, while his books have been published in Italy, Germany, and Slovenia. He has been an active participant in the literary life in Serbia for over a decade, and in addition to writing, he teaches creative writing and works as an editor. He lives in Novi Sad, Serbia.

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Vila Fazanka (Villa Fazanka)
Upon returning from abroad, where she spent almost her entire working and adult life, Ana, the main protagonist of Villa Fazanka, buys an apartment in Novi Sad, overlooking the Danube and the Army Veterans’ Club. She tries to settle in, but the birds of the past disturb her peace. In the month of August, she goes to the north of the plain, to Villa Fazanka, to look after the house and the dog of her best friend. This marks the beginning of a cluster of stories, encounters, and relationships involving seemingly ordinary, but also very unusual characters. This is a novel about the serene plain that swells like a pimple, and from which the voices of times past and the former residents of collapsed houses do not allow the veil of forgetfulness to cover everything around them. Villa Fazanka, where the coastal and plain ambiences intermingle, is a novel about potential loves and a world where losses do not necessarily drag us to the depths, but open up new realizations and lead us to tranquillity.

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Translation Deals

Run, Lilith, Daemons Trip and Stumble in Italian: Corri Lilit, i demoni inciampano (trans. Vanesa Begić), Gradska knjižnica Pazin, 2014.

Spring Is on the Road in German: Der Frühling macht sich auf die Reise (trans. Elvira Veselinović), Eta Verlag, Berlin, 2021.,  and Slovenian: Pot pod noge (trans. Bojana Vajt), KUD AAC Zrakogled,  Kopar, 2022.