On Friday, 26 November at 5.00pm local time, as part of the Thessaloniki Book Fair, Vakxikon Publications is inviting EUPL laureates Inga Zolude (Latvia, 2011), Gabriela Babnik (Slovenia, 2013), and Isabelle Wéry (Belgium, 2013) to present their EUPL-awarded books. The event will be moderated by author and literary critic Lilia Tsouva, with excerpts of the books read by actor Angelos Kourepis. 

In collaboration with: Latvian Literature, Slovenian Book Agency, Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles.

Location: Thessaloniki Book Fair, Room: Dionysios Solomos (Kiosque 13)

More info: https://ekdoseis.vakxikon.gr/oi-ekdoseis-vakxikon-sthn-18h-diethi-ekthes...