Event Date
18 Sep 22

EUPL partner Trafika Europe Radio has launched its sixth season, featuring 13 EUPL authors from the 2022 and 2021 editions.

  • 18/09 – 6:00pm CEST – Spotlighting the EU Prize for Literature ep. 27 – Austrian novelist Peter Karoshi: ‘The Elephants’ (42-minute audio)

“Theo’s life has reached a deadlock. In an attempt to hold onto his family, he takes his son Moritz on a journey along the route taken centuries earlier by Emperor Maximilian II, bringing the elephant Suleiman from the Mediterranean to Vienna. They are on a voyage of discovery leading them to the past and its recollections which takes a dramatic turn…

“A novella combining stylistic precision with a dreamlike atmosphere in a way that translates the tone of Austrian modernist Robert Musil’s Three Women into the present day”

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EUPL x Trafika Europe: Peter Karoshi