A new season of "Spotlighting the EU Prize for Literature" is starting this Sunday, 12 September, at 6.00PM CEST on Trafika Europe radio. Tune in to hear interviews with our fantastic laureates!



12 September: Tatiana Țîbuleac (6pm CEST / 7pm EEST)

19 September: Haska Shyyam (6pm CEST / 7pm EEST in Ukraine)

26 September: Nathalie Skowronek (6pm CEST)


3 October: Lara Calleja (6pm CEST)

10 October: Frederico Pedreira (6pm CEST)

17 October: Dejan Tiago Stanković (6pm CEST)

24 October: Maxim Grigoriev (6pm CEST)

31 October: Jana Beňová (5pm CET)


7 November: Magdalena Parys (6pm CET)