Tanja Stupar Trifunović

Tanja Stupar Trifunović published five volumes of poetry, one volume of short stories and two novels. Her works were awarded and translated into English, German, French, Polish, Slovenian, Danish, Swedish, Macedonian, Czech, Hungarian, Bulgarian and Spanish language. Poetry book O čemu misle varvari dok doručkuju (“What are barbarians are thinking about while having breakfast“) was short-listed for the ProCredit Bank Literature Award for East and Southeast Europe and awarded with one-month stay in Vienna, Austria.

Kari J. Spjeldnæs

Kari J. Spjeldnæs (53) has more than thirty years' working experience from Norwegian publishing, fifteen of them as Publishing Director in Aschehoug Publishing House. Spjeldnæs holds a Master of Literature from University of Oslo and has broad literary and leadership experience, from editorial and board work and in various committees for the Norwegian Publishers Association. She is currently involved in a project on digital development, writes a non-fiction book on reading and holds several board positions.

Jean Back

Jean Back (1953) was born in Dudelange (Luxembourg). After finishing secondary education in Esch-sur-Alzette, he became a civil servant, first at the Ministry of Family, then at the Ministry of Culture. Between 1989 and 2016, he was in charge of the National Audiovisual Centre of Dudelange (CNA). In 2003, he turned to literature with Wollekestol, a tribute to his hometown and its steel industry. It was followed by several books, among them Amateur which won the EUPL Prize in 2010 and is translated in six languages.

Nenad Rizvanović

Nenad Rizvanović was born in Osijek in 1968. He completed his studies of Croatian language and literature at Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb and in 2019 completed his PhD at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zadar with the thesis “Poststructural Analysis of the Role of Reader”. He teaches courses on publishing at Faculty of Philosophy in Rijeka. He has been publishing literary criticism and prose since 1985.

Lena Falkenhagen

Lena is a German fiction writer and narrative designer for computer games. She's also the national chairperson of the Association of German Authors (Verband deutscher Schriftstellerinnen und Schriftsteller (VS in ver.di)) and co-founder of Phantastik-Autoren-Netzwerk (PAN) e.V. She was a member of the PAN board for 4 years and in this capacity, she co-founded the Netzwerk Autorenrechte (Network Author’s Rights) in 2016 with, among others, Nina George and Eva Leipprand. The Network joins nine (now 13) authors' associations for political purposes.

Gjoko Zdraveski

Gjoko Zdraveski (1985) graduated at Blaže Koneski Faculty of Philology in Skopje and holds an MA from the same faculty. He worked as a Macedonian language lecturer at the Faculty of Philosophy in Nish for eight years. From 2014-2018, he organized Astal Projections literary evenings together with Ana Golejshka, every first Tuesday in the month at Menada café. Since 2015, he has been part of the Versopolis project.

Kyriakos Pavlou Kyriakou

Born in Famagusta, Cyprus, on 21st August 1947. Studied Business Administration at West London College, London, and then returned to Famagusta and started working at his father’s bookshop. On August 14 he had to leave his hometown along with thousands of other Greek Cypriots, who fled for their lives because of the advancing Turkish army who invaded Cyprus in July ’74.

Jérôme Jaminet

Jérôme Jaminet, born in 1979, lives as a teacher, literary mediator and literary critic in Luxembourg. He studied philosophy and German literature at the University of Trier. From 2014 to 2017, he hosted the weekly literary show Book Look on Eldoradio. Since 2018 he has been responsible for the literature section Lesbar in the Lëtzebuerger Journal. As a freelance literary critic, he works among others for German media such as Der Spiegel, MDR Kultur and SWR2.