José Manuel Lello

José Manuel Bernardes Pereira Lello (1958) has worked as an administrator at Livraria Lello since 1983. He is also part of the Lello Editores publishing house, both of which are recognised institutions in Portugal and beyond. José Manuel also served as the President of the Portuguese Association of Publishers and Booksellers (APEL) between 1995 and 1998, and was a member of the board of Portugal for the country’s representation as guest of honour at Frankfurt Book fair in 1997.

Helena Landberg

Helena Landberg has 20 years of experience in selling books. Since 2018, she has been running a small independent bookstore in the old town of Stockholm. Her speciality is to arrange very popular events where authors and their audience come together. Helena is married and the happy owner of Garbo, a charming 8 months old dachshund who works part time in her bookstore.Literature has always been a central part of Helena's life, and she looks forward to her EUPL jury assignment.

Aliona Grati

Aliona Grati, PhD,Sh is an associate professor and literary critic. She has a PhD in Philology. Her scientific research in the field of History, Criticism and Literary Theory, resulted in the publication of 10 monographs, several coordinated volumes and 200 articles. As a litery critic and journalist, she actively supports emerging publications in the field of literature. She is also a member of the Writers' Union of Moldoval and of the Writers' Union of Romania.

Anzhela Dimcheva

Anzhela Dimcheva (1963, Sofia, Bulgaria) has a Master Degree in Bulgarian Philology and English Language. She is a PhD from the University of Library Studies and Information Technologies. A journalist, poet, literary critic, and editor, she is the Secretary-General of the Bulgarian Centre PEN, a member of the Union of Bulgarian Writers and the Union of Bulgarian Journalists.

Clive Perini

Clive Perini has been working in book distribution and publishing for the last 25 years, employed with a company that is the largest distributor on the island. Over the years his role evolved but he always aspired, encouraged and promoted self publishing,as well as established and emerging authors of all genres.

Andrea Kluitmann

Andrea Kluitmann has been translating Dutch literature, stage plays, scenarios and graphic novels into her mother tongue, German, since 1993. She is also a scout for several German publishers and a member of the sounding board group for the New Dutch Fiction brochure of the Dutch Foundation for Literature (NLF). In addition to translating, she also works as a German tutor, mainly for authors and other people working in the cultural sector.

Elin Sennerö Kaunitz

Elin Sennerö Kaunitz is a senior editor at Norstedts, Sweden's oldest publishing house, acquiring both fiction and nonfiction in Swedish and forgeign languages.She has worked in publishing for twenty years. Before joining Norstedts, she was a publisher at Atlantis and an editor at Albert Bonniers and at Ordfront. Among the authors she has worked with are: Lisa Taddeo, Caitlin Moran, Roxane Gay, Jonas Hassen Khemiri, Jan Kjaerstad, Stieg Larsson.

Kamel Gaha

Mohammed Kameleddine Gaha (1949, Menzel Kamel, Tunisia) is a professor emeritus of French literature at the University Tunis-el-Manar, and a member of the Beit-al-Hikma Academy of Carthage, Tunisia.

Eva Klíčová

Eva Klíčová (born 1977) is a literary critic, journalist and editor. She has been a member of the editorial team of Host, a Czech literary magazine, since 2012. Apart from working as an editor, she frequently collaborates with numerous media outlets and literary institutions in the Czech Republic as well as abroad. Eva Klíčová studied Czech Literature and History of Art at Masaryk University in Brno.